Long Weekend Report

Did you have a fun weekend? Jared went for a backpacking trip along the Lost Coast, the photo below is the spot where he camped. I’m so jealous of his trip, doesn’t it look beautiful? We are planning a trip together as a family very soon.
He came home just in time to visit our sweet new nephew in the hospital and for me to overcook our Valentines dinner to the point of it being inedible. Of course. Little heart shaped pizzas it was then.
Then yesterday we rode the carousel in Golden Gate Park, went for a hike to Pigeon Point Lighthouse up in the Marin Headlands and ate some In and Out. Plus I had my weekly sewing class last night. We’re making a robe.
We’ve had our nephew Moses for a few days. Two 2 year olds is a lot of fun, but exhausting! This photo above was taken right after Jared suggested we play ‘zone’ defense instead of just chasing them around. It does feel like that a lot with two year olds. Either that or herding cattle. I love this age. Anything fun to report from your weekend?


Oh dearie…we spent our second anniversary in Shelter Cove…right there on the Lost Coast. It is one of our favorite places in Northern California. Funny, we were just talking about it this week with someone…random! You must go up with him next time. The waves on those black pebbles make the most incredible noise.

What cute boys! I hiked the lost coast once in college. So amazing. I hope you get to go soon!

This sounds like the perfect weekend, well, except for your burnt meal!

The Lost Coast…sounds delightfully creepy, and the view is just amazing.

Wow! You guys had a busy weekend!The Lost Coast looks amazing. I want to go to there.

Aww how lovely! You're making me so nostalgic for home/the bay area.PS Your nephew is ADORABLE.

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