DIY: Stripey Elastic Skirt

Guys. Guess what. I made an article of clothing. From scratch. Yippee! With stripes and a pocket and a comfy elastic waist following this tutorial. Actually, I’m not crazy about the shape (I think the waist is a little big and a little too much bunching), but it really wasn’t very difficult at all and it’s exciting to think of all the possibilities. I have actually make a skirt once before. It was a church activity when I was 15 and it ended up being so short that I wasn’t allowed to wear it. I thought it was hot. I think it was like 13 inches long. Can you believe how horribly mean my parents were? Geez.


congratulations on a successful skirt! yours is absolutely adorable!

I think it looks great. And in my opinion might look even better with a wider waistband! I love the stripes. Nice job.

haha that story is funny. i'd love to learn how to sew. i wish we had decent sewing classes way up here in the north.

oh too cute! I saw this pattern the other day, I love the stripes! -kb

michelle, such a great idea. i'll have to try it with a pillowcase

I used to make skirts from vintage pillow cases in high school. Just add some elastic and you're good to go.

What cute fabric. Oh my gosh… how do you do it? All of these crafts/ DIY's, and then blogging about it… superwoman. We are closing on a house next week… you have given me some good decor ideas… thanks a million. And… your house is up for rent already!? I will keep my ears open for friends looking for a darling ave's place.

beth, the shirt is from target, merona shirred boat neck top. it's super soft, i love it.

Thanks guys! The pockets are a floral pattern but it's hard to see from the photos.

i think it's adorable. that bit of contrast lining peeking out of the pocket = cute!

Looks great! I really love the fabric you used, it is perfect with your green shirt.

Wow, so great! I don't think it looks weird, especially for your first, or, second article of clothing-Lisa Dane

ha! parents are the worst. liz, i think it's totally cute! good work

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