DIY: Draw Your Own Planet

Think you’ve exhausted chalkboard paint possibilities? Think again. Natalie painted some old globes with chalkboard paint and used them as part of an activity for her child’s birthday party where they were instructed to ‘draw your own planet’. Love it! Clever and Cleverer…

{Seen via Nicole}


Omygoodness this is such a fun idea! And I don't think I need any kids to make it for – that would readily entertain ME! So fun!

This is one of the best ideas i've gotten from a blog in months! LOVE IT!

I LOVE this! I wish I had thought of it for the Around The World theme baby shower I did! So cute!

I am SO doing this for my next party and I talking grown-ups. My daughter is away at college but I think this would be a blast. Thanks for telling me about it – I've already forwarded to all my friends. Love love love it!

Oh, this is fun. Makes you think about all the other unusual things you could paint with chalkboard paint, like a lampbase or some other smooth surface.

Oh! I LOVE THIS! I have some leftover chalboard paint too. Now I just need some kids to make it for. Haha

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