Cape Pattern

While still thinking about those girls capes, I found this great $4 pattern for creating this cape above. I don’t know if my amateur sewing skills are ready for this project but it’s a great goal to have. It says it’s only ‘intermediate’ level sewing, but I’m skeptical. Isn’t it rad though??


I've totally looked at this pattern on there! I have a decent collection of capey patterns from the sixties though (thanks thrift store!) so I figure I'll tackle one of those first. Too cute.

Hi Liz, I read your blog all the time and love it! My sewing skills are also at an amateur level but I love the idea…Can't beat $4 pattern, right? Thanks for sharing!Elena

that is nice. definitely a good goal to work towards, or maybe when you get it and look at the instructions and the pieces you will find that you are up to the challenge.

You are soo intermediate. I'm allowed to say that as a true beginner 🙂

I like it! It would be great in a jersey for springtime. I'm off to buy the pattern 🙂

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