Blog it Forward: What Inspires Me

Excited to be participating in the Blog it Forward today. Seek and Find Design handed me the baton today and tomorrow I’ll be passing it along to Scoutie Girl.

Here’s a sampling of things that inspire me:

A bright, light and minimalist room (pic)
Creative and organized spaces for children’s play (pic) and (pic)
Self expression in art. I danced ballet for years and years. I miss that form of self expression. It’s incredibly inspiring to see people performing this beautiful art and doing what they love. (pic)
Creating something beautiful from nothing, DIYers like Jenny (pic) and Katie (pic)
The Outdoors: New York in the fall. The Redwoods. The mountains. Backpacking trips.

(pics from our backpacking trips)

Wow, that was a lot of fun to post 🙂


lovely inspiration! just catching up after being out of town, but i love this! 🙂

i recognize that ballet- must have performed it 100 times! new costumes though.loving your excursion pics. makes me wish we lived in ca…

Love the list. And I recognized Lake Louise. It's about 1.5 hours away from me and it's one of my fave places ever.

Veneta, that picture was taken up in Banff. It's called Lake Louise

I enjoyed your post for BIF. I also love creative spaces for kids, they inspire my parenting but I didn't think of it for my post last week. Maybe you can make room for dance again! 🙂

You look so much better camping than I do :)Gorgeous images! Feeling inspired! Love those vintage airplane images all lined up…

love all these and love seeing those backpacking pics, you guys rock

I am falling in love with the clothes Katie makes for her children. Love, I tell you!

Can I just tell you I love your blog! I took a survery a couple days ago about which blogs are in my top 5, and found myself listing yours among them… thanks for sharing!

Sometimes i dream of having a room with nothing in it. Totally zen like that top picture. Also love those little girls outfits. So cute.

Love the pics from the backpacking trips, you've been to some beautiful places.

Love the backpacking pics – you guys are adorable. Organized play areas…I need to get ON that stat. Is that second picture from Martha Stewart?

Lovely list. The Redwoods always inspire me, too!

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