Apartment Hunting, Again

We’re apartment hunting here in San Francisco again. Apartment hunting here is an incredibly frustrating process but we have high hopes. Saw this article that one of the painted ladies (aka full house homes) is for sale, for a mere 4 million. Wouldn’t it be fun to live in one of these classic Victorian mansions?

{Hank taking a jump}

We live across from this painted ladies park now and it’s pretty sweet. It would be nice to stay in the neighborhood. Walking across the street to a beautiful park everyday sure is nice. Anyone know of a great place for rent?

{1709 Broderick, the real Full House home}

{pic, my pic, pic}


i hear there are some great bungalows in pasadena 🙂

Also, I can't get the theme from Full House out of my head.

Talk about curb appeal. That would be soooo awesome to live there!

Sorry about your blah place. Hope you find something great!

our apartment is just blaaaaah and our neighbors suck 🙁

How come you're apartment hunting again so soon?Good luck!

those mansions are so beautiful! i hope you live in one someday too 🙂

Wow, super stunning hood, I am sure you will find an amazing place, good luck

ooh not fun but i hope you find something great! i love these beautiful mansions too

good luck with your search! I don't envy you… but if you end up living next door to the Tanners I will be quite jealous.

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