Week of ALT

Guys. Alt is this week, in like three days. I’m soooo excited. Originally I was going to be speaking on a panel, but then the craziness of life that went on the last couple weeks reared its ugly head, and I had to back out of my commitment. Bummed to not speak but now that things have settled down I’m planning on attending and can’t wait. Giddy with excitment. Speakers from these sites I’m sooo excited to meet are: Apartment Therapy, Oh Joy, Design Sponge, Dooce, Simply Lovely, Rep from Martha Stewart…the list goes on. Plus of course parties, Sundance, skiing (the snow is going to amazing) and networking. Booyah.
Will I see you there too? Whose coming with me?


She's probably not sharing it because it's, well, personal. Hope things are better, Liz.

Um, to the two people that feel the need to tell Liz that it's (a) lame that she's not speaking at ALT and (b) that it's lame that she's not sharing her PERSONAL LIFE with you:That's lame.How about a more supportive approach? Such as:Dear Liz,I'm sorry you aren't going to be speaking at ALT. I'm looking forward to meet you though!Dear Liz,I'm sorry things have been rough for you lately. I hope everything is okay, is it anything you'd be comfortable sharing with us?

dear liz,i am a loyal reader, but i think it's lame of you to allude to all these horrible goings-on in your life and not share with the rest of us. do we not count? we do care!we have been patient!

Three cheers for ALT! I can't wait. I've been compiling my list of bloggers that I want to meet. It sure is getting long.

Boo for not speaking, that would have been so fun but excited to meet you! I'm going!

ooo I am so jealous. Would love to meet all my design inspirations in person and learn learn learn.Maybe next year. Have a wonderful time!!

oh how i wish i could be there. i entered every contest possible 🙂 NEXT YEAR! (so there better be a next year)

So lame you won't speak but I understand, life gets just crazy sometimes. I'll be there too, can't wait to meet you

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