Made By Joel

I stumbled upon this blog, Made By Joel the other day. It’s written by a stay a home dad/artist who documents on the blog craft projects he does with his two adorable kids. Here are a couple of the ingenious projects I found while scrolling through the blog:Zoo Blanket
Wooden trucks that fit into a little Altoids box
Paper finger puppets
Modern doll house furniture made from knickknacks around the house

Fabric trumpet

What a sweet stay at home dad, right?
PS Is it sexist that I’m super impressed?


So inspiring! My craft project usually just involve paper and crayons

It's all fantastic, but the dollhouse furniture is my favorite.

how cool! i love this…especially that dollhouse furniture. i want it ;-)we were totally sharing a brain on the "happiness" thing yesterdayxoxojos

so inspiring and what a cute dad! i like those embroidery shirts he did too

so brilliant! i feel like i've read about him somewhere too but can't remember

I read about this coolest, creative dad before. I think that's great!

I'd be super impressed either way… man or woman! So creative and well executed.

What a creative Dad. It's awesome that he not only stays home, but gets involved with craft projects with his kids. I adore that modern furniture.

I don't know if that's sexist, but I'm pretty impressed as well. I really want to steal some of those ideas.

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