Can you imagine how the house would smell after burning those babies? YES.

I linked this post to my blog. I got so excited when I saw them!! New to your blog and love it!

You find the best DIY ideas. Hope you don't mind if I use them on my blog. I linked back to you for all the instructions.

oooh, this sounds like a well needed project. We have a lemon tree in our back yard that produces more lemons than I know what to do with.

I recently got Martha Stewart's craft encyclopedia from the library and just saw this craft in it today. I thought "Who on earth would do this??" and I guess this is my answer! If it makes your house smell like lemons I say go for it.

I'm sure, don't you think it would smell? the wax is melting into the lemon?

Do you think they smell lemony, too? That would be oh so perfect if they did. I think I need to go find a citrus candle now…

oh my gosh i'm so in love with this, can i tell you how much i love your blog????

Such a great idea! But then, how could one NOT love anything involving lemon?

These are beautiful! And citrus scented candles are my favorite. I am going to have to try these out! Thanks for sharing!

oooh! More yellow! This is such an adorable project … and heavenly! The scent of lemons — and the pretty glimmer and glow of candles. I love this!

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