DIY: Modern Farmhouse Table

(photo from hotze via melanie)

Found this great tutorial to build your own farmhouse table. I know, I know, it sounds intimidating but these step by step photo instructions are really thorough and it totally looks doable. Plus it only costs $30 in supplies. Would be super cool with reclaimed wood.


Thank you very much for this farmhouse tables tutorial. This is exactly what I was looking for. I am very happy that I found your site. I always dream of having farmhouse tables in our house but I just can’t afford it yet. I thought maybe I should make one myself. I will definitely try this. Wish me luck! I hope it’ll be successful. Thank you for sharing this. I believe many people will find benefit from your post, especially those who (like me) can’t afford to buy farmhouse tables from the store. Keep up the great job! Hope to find other interesting stuff from your site.

I absolutely love this table! It reminds me of the one my parents have that they bought at a Paris flee market.

Great idea! Some day when I have a little more space I will do something like this!

Isn't that site SO cool? It makes me wish I had a workshop and all sorts of power tools!

thank you for posting this!! I have been looking and looking for a farmhouse table that we can afford. Perhaps we'll just make one!

i just adore farmhouse tables. wow…cool to see this DIY! 🙂 thx for sharing!

I would LOVE to make one of these someday. thanks for the tutorial!

this is fabulous. I love it. Thanks for sharing!

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