Alt Recap

Photographer: Brooke Dennis

Alt was so much fun and incredibly inspiring. I’m still on the alt high and trying to process all I learned. Also, still giggling about Dooce’s opening line “I hope you are all enjoying your complimentary sister-wife you received at the airport”. Oh yes, yes I am.

These photos above are from the opening social party. It was Old Hollywood themed and super glam complete with cigarette girls. I really think there should be cigarette girls at every party.

Above are the business cards I printed out at the last minute for Alt.

Below are some of my favorite bits of advice from the conference. Apologies if I’m citing them incorrectly, they’re from my notes:

Remember WHY you started what you do. It comes through to the WHAT you do- Maxwell, Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy started after 9/11 as Maxwell went around Manhattan helping people fix their homes- all came from a sense of providing a service to its readers. People come to blogs to learn.

Jonathan Adler says the secret to success is panic! Panic can be a driving force when you have the responsibilities of running your own show- Maxwell, AT

Great ads are like jewelry on your website- Jean, Notcot

Martha Stewart is OVER people! No more perfection, be real- Maxwell, AT

If you don’t want to hear someone’s feedback on something, don’t share it. Also, definitely maintain a PO Box- Dooce

I try to blog about me… Warts and all! What Oprah does that’s so amazing is she shares. She’s real- Maxwell, AT

“People are readers, not users. Only bloggers and drug dealers call people users.” Neil Chase of Federated Media (HA!)

Time management is about meeting family then personal needs and creative needs, then letting other things go-Sarah Jane Studios

Office jobs are the reason blogs exist- Joslyn of Simple Lovely

Use your blog as a marketing tool for what you really want to do- Maggie Mason

If you aren’t pursuing your passion, you’ll always lose against the person who is -Maggie Mason

Nobody is ever going to hand you anything. People that get stuff ask for it”- Maggie Mason


Thanks so much for sharing this. I'm loving these glimpses into alt. Love the business cards as well.

Thanks for sharing! great blog! PS I just moved from Hoboken over summer. 🙂

my favorite was that "your ads should be like jewelry" (I wrote it in my notes too!) and how much are you crushing on Maxwell(sigh)…

Thank You. I'm about to open my first Etsy shop and these words of wisdom are priceless. Great cards!

Now that we're home, let's go get coffee. I've had time to nap.

oooh great recap lady!so glad we met and got to have sushi together on're pretty fantastic! ;-)xoxox

Great post:) For the next 450 years, till things like alt happen in Hungary, I have your blogs to read! Also, what I learned from the whole thing: I might be the one to put it all together in my country. Ok, maybe after April, I'm due on the 30th with daughter No2!

Great one-liners.And as I sit here at my office job – yes, yes, yes – I totes agree with that line.

Awesome, thanks for sharing a little peek into what Alt. was like!

Love your business cards and thank you SO much for posting notes. Was so bummed to miss out on ALT this year. But love that so many attendees have been so generous to share notes! Thank you!

Thank you for sharing your notes here. I really wanted to go, but didn't get to. That's what I like about blogging. If we miss something, we know we can probably catch up with others who blog about it.

oh wow… these are great tips… not just for blogging, but for following your passion. Super post – hank you!

man o man i wish i had gone to alt. thanks for the one liners from your notes.

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