Winter Wonderland

Thoroughly enjoying the winter wonderland here in Utah. Busy visiting with friends, family and hitting up all the favorite thrift stores here (it’s a gold mine here for kids clothes!). Oh and lots and lots of food and relaxation. Hope you all have a fabulous New Years. Do you have any goals in mind? I’m taking some sewing/pattern making lessons I got as a Christmas gift starting next month and my goal is to sew something I would actually wear by the summer. Plus we’re planning on camping at a different spot once a month. Love that we can camp year round in California. Here’s to 2010!!!


My new years goal is to not over do Christmas next year. My kids got spoiled rotten

I'm in slc for one more day before heading back to LA, do you mind telling some of the thrift stores?I have a baby girl, it would be great to find a few things! Thanks, Kate

i plan on learning to sew this year too. santa brought me a sewing machine, so i had better!

Where are you taking sewing lessons? Sounds so great. I've been looking for a place in the bay area

happy new year! snow is so nice for the holidays, 🙂 it looks like you are having fun!

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