Giveaway Giveaway: Two Infant Sets

The last giveaway giveaway here! Talented Nicole, shop keeper at Vanilla Pie (she also sells beautifully handcrafted bags and necklaces at Elsa Bags) is giving away TWO homemade infant sets! Remember, you’re entering to give this dress away to someone else. Please read details below.
Included in each infant set: blanket, bib, burp cloth, pacifier clip. One boy themed and one girl themed. Winner will win both to give away.
I’m sure we all know a new mom that could use a set like this and deserves an anonymous gift this holiday season.
You have until Monday 12am PST to enter and the winner will be announced Monday.

Giveaway Giveaway guidelines:

— In keeping with the spirit of Christmas this giveaway is meant to focus on others–therefore you are to enter only in behalf of someone else. We ask that this person be someone who is in particular need this holiday season. We appreciate your honesty in this.
— Enter by leaving a brief and vague comment about the person you are entering for and why. Something along the lines of “I’m entering for my friend who has had a rough year.” Please don’t be too specific!
–1 entry per person.
— Each giveaway will be open for 2 days {unless otherwise noted}. We will then draw a name randomly and announce the winner at the end of the 2 days.

— Once the winner has been announced they will need to send us an email with the name and address of the person they entered for. All packages will be mailed directly to the ‘person in need’ and all packages will be sent anonymously. Continental US only.

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I am entering for 2 friends.. both of which have had huge challenges getting pregnant and are finally on their way. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

I want to win something for my sister, who will be having her first baby next year!!!

I would like to give this to my sis who recently gave birth to my nephew. The other, I would probably give to one of my (many) friends who is expecting a baby.

The girl set would go to my sister who is due to have her first baby in February. The boy set would go to my brother-in-law's niece who has a baby boy (about 4 or 5 months…I can't be sure exactly). He's been sick a little, so he could use a nice little present.

I would give one away to a dear friend of mine who is due with her 4th right before Christmas. They don't have a lot of money right now,mneither her mother nor mother-in-law will be able to come help her, and she is hosting Christmas guests at her home right after having the babe. She needs a little something nice this Christmas.The other would be for a needy family who has a young infant and is expecting another.

I would give it to one of my patients in Labor and Delivery who seems like they need something special (maybe one who had a horrible birth expereince).

i'm entering for a neighbor at my church who really needs help right now

I am entering for a dear friend, who after 3 years of fertility treatments, just found out she's pregnant!

entering once again for my best friend who is recently pregnant and suffering long and hard through the pukes. worst stage of pregnancy. she is darling and sweet and watches my daughter whenever she's up for it- she deserves this! πŸ™‚

Darling! With so many friends and family members expecting babies in the coming months, these would be great gifts.

The girl set would go to my soon-to-be-born new niece.My sister gave all her baby stuff away and now she doesn't have much for the one coming in March. Youngest is 8 so it has been a while. She is a great mom who goes without so she can homeschool her kids. I am very proud of her.

For the sweet woman in my church group who didn't expect to be pregnant while her husband is unemployed.

My sister is due to have a baby in March! She works hard as a stay at home mom of 3 and the wife of a police officer. She has overcome depression and is taking one class at a time to become a midwife. I would give this gift to her!

I'd give the boy set to some friends who are expecting their second child. They've had a rough financial time this year and something pretty would really brighten up their day. The girl's set, I don't know anyone that is having a girl (at the moment) so I'd ask that it be sent as a clothing donation to a domestic violence center:Pathways DV Shelter3800 Penn MarrEl Monte, CA. 91732

I am entering for a dear friend. After struggling with infertility over for 6 years and having suffered a miscarriage 5 months ago, she is pregnant with twins. I know that she is still really nervous and I would love for her to get this as a first baby gift. Such a wonderful giveway. I've been a silent reader on your blog for awhile/

I would give the girl set to a dear friend due any day now, and as for the boy set…well, three more friends are expecting babies in the next six months, and surely one of those will be a boy?!

i'll give the boy set to my friend who is expecting a boy {truman} in march. and the girl set to my friend who just had a girl {stella}.

I would give the girl set to my soon-to-born niece and the boy set I would give to my new little nephew.

I would send the girl set to my best friend in England, who just had a beautiful baby girl after a long and hard labor. I would send the boy set to cousin/friend who we have not seen for an incredibly long time and is pregnant with a boy. Actually, I would hand deliver it to her to make sure I saw her over the Christmas period! Wish I could visit them both. Fingers crossed!

I would give to my new nephew who was born at 25 weeks premature. He is thriving now!

I would love to give a set to my dear friend who just had her baby girl very early… still in the hospital, so this could really cheer her!

My nephew is due on Tuesday of next week–we're at the point when I check my phone everyday after school to see if he has arrived early. What a wonderful surprise this would be for them!!

My sister is due soon, but doesn't know boy or girl. I would send these to her!

How cute are these! Would give them to new moms at our playgroup

My friend has a new baby and has suffered from various complications after the birth including post ppd. This would cheer her up!

who doesn't know a new mom right now? i'm at the stage in life when almost all of my friends are having babies. if chosen as a recipient of these cute sets, i'd easily be able to give one set to my friend whose having a boy next spring, and the other to my friend who just had a girl.

this set would be perfect for my two cousins who just had children, one baby boy (conner), and a baby girl (avery). it would be a nice gift since thier not well off and have newborns.

This would go to two friends. One just had a boy in October and the other is expecting a girl in March! Both first babies!!! One is the first grandchild on my friend's side and the other is the first grandson on my friend's side.

i know the perfect person for this gift! she just had twins- a boy and girl!

I'd it to my SIL who is due in May and whose husband is still looking for work!

this will be for my sister and 3-month old nephew, and future niece πŸ™‚

My son's teacher is pregnant and I'd love to give this to her as a first time Mom.

What a beautiful gift set. My friend doesn't know what she is having in January – it's her 5th baby and her oldest is only 7. Something like this would be great for her.

I would give this to a co-worker due in April, but getting layed off this month and losing benefits. It's been tough.

I would give the boy set to my sister, who just had my nephew. I would give the girl set to my friend who's been struggling throughout her entire pregnancy with her daughter who's arriving in January.

These would go to my good friend who's having twins-a boy and a girl! Her 4th and 5th children, too!

Wow, I've been thinking of what to get someone from work who is having twins-a boy and a girl.

I would give the boy set to my friend who is giving birth to "silas" in a month, and the girl set to my friend who just has "eleanor" last week!

For my friend who's {surprise!} expecting a baby in about 6 monts.

I'd give this to my sister in law who is going to give birth in the Philippines in February.

would love my neighbor to have this who is a new mom and overwhelmed!

I would split the sets: to a mother, who has a two year old daughter with a rare form of cancer,found out she's pregnant with a boy. And to a mother who just lost her husband and found out she's expecting.

one of my best friends just had a baby girl and could use this. see is a single mom and struggling so this would really help her out.

My friend who has been trying to get pregnant for years recently found out she's having triplets! I would give her both and buy one more set πŸ™‚

I would love to give the boy set to my brother and sister-in-law, who are pregnant again with a little boy after having a miscarriage this time last year. It was really rough on both of them (first child), and I know that they would love this darling set.The girl set would go to my best friend, who has an eight-month old sweet little Cate; she and her husband both have to work, and not being able to stay at home with Cate like she hoped has really been hard on my best friend.Thanks for the wonderful giveaway, and the selfless spirit in which it's offered.–Sarah

What adorable infant sets! I love the little details. I'm way behind on giving/making baby gifts for friends. It'd sure be nice to win one of these for my sister-in-law, who had her baby 5 months ago, or my cousin who had her baby a month ago, or my friend who had her baby 6 months ago, or my other friend who had her baby 8 months ago.

I would give one to my Sister in Law who just had a boy, and I would give the other set to my cousin who is having a girl. My fingers are crossed.

I would split the set in two. The boy set would go to my good friend who just had a baby boy. The girl set would go to my soon-to-be-born new niece.This giveaway series is wonderful – great giveaway items and an even better purpose behind it.

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