Gift Tags

I made these gift tags from card stock and some fabric scraps, inspired by Brooke’s gift tags. They will be attached to some treat boxes for neighbors/friends I’m putting together this weekend.

{Don’t look too carefully at them. I don’t have a paper cutter and my lines are less than straight despite several attempts at shaving off the edge}

Have a great weekend!


darling, and they look so easy to make maybe even I could make it…in between the chaos of course.

Beautiful! I have a bunch of scraps I need to do something with.

these are so adorable. I think I might have to copy this..thanks.

I love your lines! Imperfect is far more interesting than perfect. Work done by hand is impossible to reproduce exactly which gives it great charm! These are lovely!

So, so cute. And I'm not looking too close, I'm horrible at cutting straight.

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