DIY Gifts: Car Caddy

A reader sent me a link to this brilliant idea of creating a portable car caddy using the basic crayon roll technique. Totally genius! Would make a really cute gift. I’m not sure where it’s from exactly, let me know if you do. Found it! Homemade by Jill. Tutorial here.
(Thanks for the tip, Kristina!)

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I sometimes make the mistake of saving a snip or photo from online without noting its source – thinking, "I'll remember how to make that" or "I'll remember where it's from"…then I don't. But now I've found TinEye! It's a reverse image search! AND IT'S AMAZING! You can either upload the image from your computer ( or download the add-on shortcut for Firefox ( and then you can click on any image on the web and find out where it's ORIGINALLY from (or was first posted).Great for finding…a) the original creator of something so you can pay due thanks;b) a higher resolution image; orc) a tutorial to go with an image/idea shared elsewhere (like yours, for example).Is it not GREAT!?!?Okay, that sounds like a plug, as though I made the thing. I really didn't. I just found it, and heart it now…forever.

I wish I could somehow tell you the relief that came over me when I saw this. If only I had time to make it right this second. No more digging through my purse to find the cars. Perfect!

Etta glad you found the link… I knew I saw it somewhere cute. Too funny that Jill played BYU LAX too. What a small world.

i LOVE this idea! my 4 year old would love something like this! Thanks for the idea!

That is the most smoochable church idea ever… thank you!

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