Christmas Light Cookies

Spent a couple hours this weekend frosting these christmas light cookies I made a few days ago to give away to friends and neighbors. The process was slightly tedious but I like how they turned out. sidenote: how on earth you do make red frosting??? I used a whole little tube of red and all I got was pastel pink. Mixing with all that white icing there’s just no way!


for the red color: if you can find an indian grocery store buy their powder pigment (I use to buy the "Preema" brand). A pinch of red dust and you'll get a bright red icing (and plus: it adds no funny taste!). Orange, yellow and red are the other colors I've tried from this brand and work like a charm… I don't use Wilton for these colours anymore.

Also, use a little bit of brown in with your wilton red, to get a good deep red.

When you get the wilton red, make sure it is the no taste red so you don't get that nasty flavor, we had very disgusting red srawberry shortcake cake one year before I learned of the no taste red. I love the cookies, so cute.

Wow, I wish I was your neighbor. 🙂 Those are adorable. As for the red, I always use the gel colors. It still takes quite a bit, though, so I've always thought I'd end up with less artificial coloring if I'd just use the red crystal sprinkles.

Liz, You have to use so much of the red dye to make a true red that it actually flavors the frosting. It isn't a good thing. I am careful when i use red. I either just accent or use sprinkles or I buy the ready made at the grocery store.

Use wilson "gel" colors. They have a red that's very red, although I usually add ONE drop of blue, to make a deeper red.

Hi! I've never commented before, but I do have an answer for you on the red frosting, so have come out of lurker land. You need to get the Wilton "professional" colours. They come in a little pot and just a very tiny bit, colours extremely well. It will dye your hands, your counter…anything it touches, so be careful. But, you'll get your red.

Seriously, they look so good. When I make sugar cookies I always have high aspirations to decorate them all cute but then it gets tedious and I end up just dumping a jar of jimmies on them.

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