Christmas Giveaway Giveaway: His and Her Pillows-CLOSED

I’m super excited for this week! I’m teaming with some other bloggers to host a few special giveaways this week. In keeping with the spirit of The 12 Days of Christmas, these giveaways are meant to focus on others–therefore you are to enter only in behalf of someone else. Please read through the guidelines below.

So to start things off, we have an awesome giveaway today from FreshlyPicked: A pair of his/her pillows! I know we probably all know someone who could use and would love these atop their bed. You have until Wednesday 12am PST to enter and the winner will be announced Wednesday afternoon.
Remember, you’re entering to give these away to someone else!

Giveaway Giveaway guidelines:

— In keeping with the spirit of Christmas this giveaway is meant to focus on others–therefore you are to enter only in behalf of someone else. We ask that this person be someone who is in particular need this holiday season. We appreciate your honesty in this.
— Enter by leaving a brief and vague comment about the person you are entering for and why. Something along the lines of “I’m entering for my friend who has had a rough year.” Please don’t be too specific!
–1 entry per person.
— Each giveaway will be open for 2 days {unless otherwise noted}. We will then draw a name randomly and announce the winner at the end of the 2 days.
— Once the winner has been announced they will need to send us an email with the name and address of the person they entered for. All packages will be mailed directly to the ‘person in need’ and all packages will be sent anonymously. Continental US only.

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These would be a fun gift for my sister who despite her troubled year, was always there for me!Thanks, Cindijchoppes[at]hotmail[dot]com

This would be perfect for my newly-wed sis-in-law! Just setting up their new house with super RAD pillows!

For my brother and sister in law who strikingly look alot like these pillows, they are the best people ever who deserve a little bit of cheer this year!

would love to give these to a friend who just lost her mother

I entering for one of my favorite humans on the planet who i know would die over these pillows. I wish i had all the money in the world to give all the gifts I want to this Christmas!

Love these for my friend and her young family that have dealt with loss this year

These would go straight to my parents. My dad is battling cancer. He just had major surgery and is facing chemo. The bearded pillow is a spittin' image of him in his younger days. They would absolutely love these.

I am entering for a friend who has been such a rock for her fiancee during a tough year.

i would love to enter for my mother who has had 3 very rough years after the passing of my dad.i know she would smile at these. what a wonderful idea!

would love my mother to win these, she's been through a lot!

My sister and her husband are about to have baby #5 and could use a sweet little pair of pillows to bring a little whimsy into their life!

I know a sweet, stylish family who have been down on their luck.

perfect for my friend and her husband who need a good laugh!

For my sister whose had a lot oging on this year, but is always thinking of others.

I know someone who would get a kick out of this…Christmas will be slim for them this year.

This would totally cheer up my friend who is struggling with grad school right now! Great giveaway idea!

I'd love to enter this for a girl I know whose husband is away at war. The manly one will remind her of her other half. What an awesome idea!

I'm entering for my friend who is 9 months pregnant, living overseas, raising a toddler, and is helping a husband who is determined to face his mental illness without medication. She is one of the strongest women I know, laughs through every struggle, and would get a kick out of these funny, hip

my sister-in-law and her fiance…this would be so cute for them!

This is such a great idea, Liz. I'd like to enter for a neighbor down the street

My friend from childhood has had a rough string of events this year. This would cheer her up

i'd love to enter for my aunt and her family. they've had a rough year with surgeries and losses

I'm entering for a friend who recently relocated overseas with her military husband. She is lonely. And I know this would cheer her up!

now that's the spirit! entering for a newlywed friend who has had a year of tough transitions!

For my friend, with terrible luck, who would be so excited to get these that she would probably cry.

My friend from high school just found out some sad news about her fetus. This would cheer her up for sure

For a friend who is struggling with infertility. These pillows would be a wonderful reminder that it's still nice to be "two", a head full of hair and a face full of beard.

for my friend because for what ever reason, we haven't made the time to hang out. this will make a great excuse for us to go meet up

I'm entering for my friends. They have two small children and recently had to go on food stamps. These pillows are just their style and would really make them smile!

terrific giving idea. love it. also love the pillows.i would love to give these pillows to a friend who is the mom of 5 and has had a tough year on all fronts…a bit of cheer for her could make her day.

My brother is getting married this Christmas, would be perfect for him and his (soon to be) wife!

beautiful idea. I'd pick my mother whose feeling lonely lately.

My parents are coming for Christmas! This would be a fun surprise for their guest room pillows.

I am entering for my sister. She has a new apartment with her fiance and is trying to make the space her own. These would be perfect.

i love the idea and the pillows! i'm entering for my best friend who lives in nyc. she's a special ed teacher and has had numerous intense struggles this year that have made her question what she's doing with her life. in the end though, she always sticks by her students and gives them her all. i'm inspired by her daily. she and her boyfriend have hair styles just like the pillows and i know they would give her a much deserved laugh. thanks!

My BFF is getting married this month–they would love them!

My aunt and uncle would love these and it would brighten their day!

love the idea, i'm entering for a neighbor who could use some help

What fun! I'm entering for a friend who got married this year. They just found out they're relocating and would LOVE to have some new decorations for their home.

for my sis who just had a baby and is feeling overwhelmed.

to my sister-in-law who is obsessed with anything beard!

My cousin and her husband could really use fun pillows like these to cheer them up!

I have a friend who just got back from her honeymoon last week. She is a graphic designer, he is a filmmaker and these pillows are SO them.

Love them. For a family member who has lost a job and is struggling to make ends meet.

Oh I have someone in mind who has a lot of craziness going on right now. Bother her & her husband could use a good laugh. Thanks for the giveaway!

I am entering for our very cool friends who are raising four very large boys in a very small 3 bedroom house. These pillows would look soooo cool in their bedroom and they would totally dig them. Hope I win to surprise them with them on their doorstep! PROMISE!

For my cousin and his fiancee who will be getting married in March.

For my aunt. She is incredible through all her adversities

For my cousin, a newlywed who moved to a new city for her new-husband's job, that he lost mere weeks later. She needs a pick-me-up this holiday season, her first away from her family.

I'm entering for my friend who has been under unbelievable stress this year and could use a bright spot this holiday season. These would be perfect. Thanks!

What a generous idea. This time of year is do me me me focused.

I've been entering a lot of giveaways, most in the hopes of winning for my cousin and her family who have had a rough year financially. These would bring some much needed laughter to her and her husband, as well as their four hilarious little girls!

I'd love these for my mom. She's had a tough few years with my dad losing his job, but never losing faith. She's an inspiration to so many.

These would be perfect for my bearded brother and his new bride. I love them and know they would, too!

I'd like to enter for my sister whose husband lost his job recently

My sister has had a very rough year. Her husband lost his job, like many others. She has held her head high, even when in the food stamp line. She keeps her kids fed, happy, and healthy through her resourcefulness. She is inspiring and deserves much more than her lot in life has given.

My friend, who is incredibly strong despite major family problems, could use these to put a smile on her face!

Oh, so cute! I'd give these to my sis and bro-in-law. They've been saving for their first baby and could use a little something for themselves!

I LOVE these!!! I am entering for my bearded Dad that just got engaged after 11 years of being divorced. I am so happy for him! And him and his new wife would love these!!

Great pillows and great idea. I'm entering for a friend whose husband has a beard just like this!

I'm not entering, I don't want to take away Susan's awesome-ness from someone else, I just have to say: sweet pillows. Seriously.

I am entering for my sister who could use a little pick me up!

I'm entering for my boss. She could use a surprise gift

What a great idea, these would be perfect for my brother, he has a beard just like this!

I'm entering for my friend back in Idaho. Hope I win!

ha! how cute are these? my sister in law could need this pick me up!

I must admit, it's kind of hard to sign up for someone else. Is that horribly selfish of me? I just really love these pillows. If I won, I would give them to my dearest friend Kelly because she would adore them. And her husband couldn't grow a beard to save his life.

I know the perfect couple for this gift. They happen to be staying with us over the Holiday's and an engagement will be taking place… can't wait!

I'm entering for a woman who has retained her holiday cheer, despite getting laid off the day before Tanksgiving.

This is a cool idea.Here's for my daughters nanny, who works so hard to keep my baby happy, entertained and safe, and would get an absolutely KICK out of these.

Great idea! I am entering for a friend who just started their first treatment of IVF. I think these pillows could be a reminder that, whatever happens, they always have each other! Also might make them laugh during this stressful time!

for my best friend from high school whose husband's new business is struggling.

Awesome idea! I am entering for a friend who has had an unbelievably hard year. She would love these pillows! 🙂

this is a giveaway that screams my sister….she just got married and these pillows are just perfect for them.

they're great! I'm entering on behalf of a good friend who is going through family trouble these holidays.She deserves it.xox

Love it. I'm entering for a friend who has dealt with the struggles of job loss this year…it's been tough.

My friend has had a rough year, would love to enter for her. Very cool idea!

cool idea! i have someone special in mind who would really love and need this!

I'm entering for a friend and her husband who need to laugh after the year they have had…one surprise after another!!!!

I really love this idea!! I'm entering for my close friend who had some financial problems this year. These pillows are perfect for her and her bearded husband. :)xo

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