Ahhh, our trip to Hawaii was perfect. Loved every minute of it. Now I’m desperately trying to catch up on emails so sorry if you’ve emailed me and I haven’t responded yet! Seems the blogging world was going strong while I was gone!

The trip to Hawaii was a 30th birthday present from my Jared, and he planned every detail of it perfectly. We spent 4 nights on the big island, Hawaii, and 5 nights in Maui. We splurged on some of our activities and saved big by hitting the grocery store and buying our own milk/cereal/sandwich stuff, then finding a great affordable restaurant for dinner, eating our way through Hawaii via Yelp recommendations. Food is so expensive on vacation, especially in Hawaii, it seemed like the perfect compromise. I didn’t miss those $15 buffet breakfasts and mediocre $20 lunches at all. That’s not the part of vacations you remember anyway.

I can’t wait to tell you about two of the coolest things we did in Hawaii.. Two of the coolest things I’ve ever done EVER..coming up…


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