Hawaii highlights: Night Dive with Manta Rays

Getting ready for the night dive!

One of the activities we splurged on was a night scuba dive with Manta Rays on the big island of Hawaii. A large group of divers head down about 65 feet to the ocean floor at night and shine their flashlights up at the surface. At the same time, snorkelers are shining their flash lights down from on top. Hundreds of fish and plankton start to gather circling the lights and bubbles. As if that wasn’t beautiful enough, these fish and plankton attract huge beautiful (and completely harmless) manta rays, some 16 feet long! There were nine of them swimming right us! They would get so close, some of them brushing the top of our heads and flashlights. They were so beautiful and graceful, it was the most breathtaking sight!
After we got out, the manta rays followed us up to the boat, we finally got our camera out and Jared took a little video of them here. It was so incredible.

{We didn’t take an underwater camera (big mistake), so I had to grab these photos above of the manta rays off the internet here and here, but they don’t even do it justice!


What an experience. You will never forget what it felt like to be underwater that night, with Jared, with all those beautiful rays swimming about. This is so cool Liz!

This looks absolutely incredible! We actually went to Puerto Rico last weekend, and, thanks to your recommendation, kayaked at night in the bioluminescent bay in Fajardo. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced! We'll have to just keep following you around, copying your amazing nature adventures.P.S. We miss you guys.

Ooooo that is on my "bucket list" We just swam and dove with sea lions in Baja, but this is so cool.

I've heard of this before, and always wanted to do it. Incredible!

I went to the Big Island before I was certified and heard about these dives and I am so bummed I didn't go. Sounds like it's time to plan another trip. :o)xox

I'm in the middle of getting my padi certification right now, i'll have to put this on my list, sounds incredible!

Ho exciting! When I lived out there for college I went with the dive club on a trip to the Big Island to do this. I LOVED it, but we didn't have any luck with the Manta Rays. They didn't come the night we went diving. Maybe on my next trip out there I'll have to try it again! Can't wait to see more of your adventures!

this is so amazing. we haven't been diving in about 6 months and this is making me want to go so badly. what an awesome dive. your trip looks like it was a blast.

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