Hawaii Highlights: Flowing Lava!

It was straight out of an Earth Science video that I probably slept through in high school: Flowing red hot lava from the volcano Kilauea on the big island of Hawaii. Lava flows from the eruption under the surface through lava tubes down to the ocean where, as it hits the water, hardens into large black rocks that shape the coastline of the island. The ocean water close to the lava was more than 95 degrees! It was really wild!
We had planned on trying to hike out to it but that didn’t end up working out so we took a boat instead. I think the only other place you can see flowing lava in the world is Guatemala, but from what I’ve heard it doesn’t move this quickly. It was really unbelievable!


I'd love to know the tour company you used for this excursion and if you liked them. We're planning a trip in a year or so and this looks so cool!

We did this over the summer. It was amazing. Absolutely amazing

This is seriously amazing. Forget France…must.head.to.Hawaii.soon 🙂

Aww! I was there in September, but unfortunately there were no active lava flows then… Glad to see you were lucky though!

We lived on Oahu for three years and when we finally got over to the Big Island for a week vacation the lava (which had been flowing for a year solid) had stopped. A few months later it started again! I was so frustrated! Oh well, I guess we will just have to go back. Glad you got to see it, I hear it is a very moving experience.

I'm kind of insanely jealous that you went to Hawaii. It all looks and sounds amazing. And your bangs are super cute.

Yeah, it changed everyday. We were lucky enough to have a pretty good flow the night we went

it changes, sometimes there are huge explosions, sometimes there are spots you can walk right up to, sometimes it's all underground.

Totally land before time! Weird to think creation is still going on!

I saw something simliar when I went to the Big Island–but not from a boat, that looks so amazing!! Huzzah for photo ops reminiscent of The Land Before Time!xox

We went there when I was little and I remember going right up to it! I guess now they have to be more careful about how close you can get

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