Halloween: The Drapers from Mad Men

Jared, as Don, was stuck with some work (seemed to be appropriate for Don, right?) so it was Betty and Bobby Draper for Halloween. Kind of didn’t feel like a real costume especially since I dress Hank in vintage stuff often, but together it worked well. I can only get away with dressing him as a pansy for a little longer…
I couldn’t wear heels because of my ankle, which was super annoying. Sensible flats instead (very un-Betty like). The dress I wore as Betty Draper was borrowed from a friend and seriously, she saved the day about an hour or so before the party. It’s her mother’s, isn’t it lovely? I found Hank’s coat just last week at the thrift store and am so in love. Not sure if I’ll sell it or keep it. I will be listing his shoes and overalls though in my baby hank vintage shop.
After the church party we headed to the burbs to do some trick or treating with friends. Hank loved being with the kids but was confused about the proper trick or treating procedure. A couple of times he took candy out of his pumpkin and put it in the giver’s bowl. Cutie.


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