Fall Outfits Project with Erin Olsen

I’ve got a fun project in the works: Erin Olsen is a super talented friend of mine from Salt Lake who owns a model management business, Echo Model Management and is also a fashion stylist. She is helping me on a fun little project to branch out of my boring t-shirt and jeans routine.
Posted here are five polyvore fall outfits she put together for me, don’t they look awesome? When I come back from Hawaii I’ll try to put some outfits together with the wardrobe I have based on some of these ideas, take some photos, and then we’ll get Erin and all of you to give me some feedback, cause let’s be honest, it’s harder than it looks. I bet you’ll get lots of new ideas too to recreate some new looks.

What to join in? While I’m in Hawaii the next week and a half, put together some of your own fall outfits based on some of these suggestions here, or some other new trends you’ve been meaning to try, take some photos and shoot them over to me lizstan(at)gmail(dot)com and we can post them here with mine to get some feedback. It’s like a virtual girls night fashion show (minus the cosmo mags and prank calls to our crushes).


what a great idea! and ohh, i love planning ahead on outfits.

cool! i really do need some fashion advice… i'm going to look through my wardrobe right now…

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