Apple Picking

Jordan and I took our boys apple picking last week at Hales Apple Farm in Sonoma. It was perfect. We had the whole huge orchard to ourselves, it was so peaceful and beautiful. I really do miss the east coast terribly in the fall, and this felt like a perfect little piece of home. Here are a few fakie polaroids I made from the pictures:

(I recently took the plunge and got bangs!)


what a fun day. And your bangs are very cute.

Those boys are just gorgeous! You are living the life… and those apples are making me hungry.

Love apple picking, reminds me of New England. When I clicked on your fugufugu button it took me to persimmon & pink, just so you know!

Lovely photos! Sounds perfect. I miss Boston do much in the fall too.

Jillp, we were just there last week and they had a bunch, although only one type. Definitely check it out!

I called Hale's right away to find out if they still have apples to pick. Love the idea and love the bangs!

Kristen, the shirt is just a basic stretchy one from target. Great for layering!

Thanks for the tip on that site! I plunged right in… what a cool place!You remind me a little of princess lasertron with the bangs… she's a cutie :), so that's a compliment!

Awesome pictures! I've been looking for a plain white v-neck like yours for awhile but haven't yet found one that fit right. Where did you get yours?

aw how fun! I wanted to go apple picking here so bad but the apples froze:( Beautiful pictures!

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