Yellow Headboard

Oh man, I’m totally loving this headboard from Urban (don’t you think after 5 years of marriage we should finally get one?), but it seems like a lot- it’s $425 + shipping. It would look so good though with the colors in our room. Arg, what to do, what to do! Should I try to make one? With trim?

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Definitely make one. If you have a router you CAN make cool details.Caitlin posted some great links!!Love & Light,Tee

that tutorial looks BOMB…however, it's square…I understand the appeal of that FRAME! if you buy it you can always change out the fabric later…or even PAINT it and change out the fabric later. i'd say the decision is 50% money, 50% sanity, you have to choose which you'd rather have, because I find you can rarely have both! xoxo

most of the ones i've seen are hung on the wall behind the bed, like artwork

Also, I was wondering what the headboard attaches to? In the picture, it looks like it's leaning against the wall… that's not good!

caitlin, awesome link! thanks, maybe I will try to make one myself 🙂

Liz, hey wanted to pass along this link to the fabric. It is the same as urban. This fabric is everywhere right now and the pattern is really popular but classic. I totally understand your dilemma. Just a little FYI if you bought wood and a skill saw (about $30) you could cut a more interesting shape than the typical homemade board. There is also a great DIY tutorial here for one with molding. me know what you decide to do. Good luck.

i would look into making one, maybe you can find a thrifted one with trim like that, and then reupholster the fabric sections. or maybe that would be really hard, but worth looking into!

I was going to tell you to make it, but after reading your comment, just get it! 😉

I bet you could earn the money to get it in no time from your etsy shop. Just save up and get the one you love!

I know, I have thought of making one. A lot. but I love the molding trim on this one. It seems like the ones I've seen people make themselves don't have a lot of cool detail like that. Just fabric stapled to plywood. I think I would for sure get sick of that quick.

I totally agree with saving a couple hundred bucks and DIY! There are so many tutorials out there! I hope you do and then post the results.

I'm not sure how you could approximate the wood frame, but you could sure make a fabulous upholstered headboard! You always find the best fabrics, and it's sure to be less expensive to go the DIY route. I hope you do! {and post pictures, of course!}

make one yourself….that's a big chuck of change to spend on a piece that you might tire of in a couple of years. You could find a similar fabric and just staple it around a similarly shaped piece of plywood with some padding.

Make one!Pleaaase?It wouldn't be too hard…Plus, I want to see how it would turn out.

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