Then This Happened…

Hope you have a better start to the weekend than I have! It’s a bad sprain, at least it’s not worse, but I’m still not sure how it’ll be the next few weeks with my active toddler. Yikes. I do have a coveted handicapped parking pass in the city until December (Huzzah!). I’ll be spending the weekend ordering around the family coming into town and nudging Hank along with my crutches. Turns out that lights in stairwells are dang good ideas. If they’re turned on, that is.


I had a bad sprain with three toddlers running about… and it's the pits. Don't do as I did and not take care of it… and even get some physical therapy. It's been a few years, and it still bothers me.

oh man! LIZ! How horrible! I see you have gotten some good milking advice though, and I agree! Jared, it's all you for the next little while! I'll be sending you some bon bon's in my thoughts! Take care…

kudos on the parking pass, that's pretty sweet. sorry about the injury, that sucks rocks.

True true. Also, I'm pretty sure changing poopy diapers was on that list of prohibited activities the dr gave me ( I can't find the list anywhere but trust me on this. It's painful.)

Liz–what a bummer. I hope you feel better soon. {I would seriously milk this one for all it's worth…:) }

that sucks. but now for sure jared has to get up with hank right? you can't because of your leg.

yikes! that happened to me last year. it was not fun. hang in there.

good thing my fingers still work. blog blog blog blog blog

Oh bummer. Definitely take it easy this weekend and make sure to get breakfast in bed.

noooooo! sucks! as soon as my family takes off, lucy, hank and I can go to the aquarium while you take a load off!!

oh man. nanny? what do you do? call in favors from friends for sure! sorry liz!!!

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