I would like that my children learn to paint similar information, I would like to decorate my house with some "Painted Pumpkins"

My daughter has been asking me to paint a pumpkin, but the last one we bought went icky 🙁

we just recently carved a pumpkin (two holes in the bottom) and put my 7 month old baby Lincoln inside. We call it the Linc-o-lantern :)Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

I just painted pumpkins too! Great minds think alike :] Come check them out on my blog!Come follow along

What a fun craft to do with kids! ( I love the pumpkin mason jar in the back) Thanks for sharing.- Sarah

Painting pumpkins is like killing two birds with one stone: great decoration and then you can wash and eat them afterwards (providing you use non-toxic paint) 🙂

I can't take any credit for this myself, but my mom told me that she's working on decoupaging a white pumpkin with a toile print.

Adorable! I'm glad you let him go wild on the other side and I love your little pumpkin!

The spider one is perfect for a trick-or-treat porch!

I hate carving pumpkins. i want to do this and then for Zach we got this Mr. Potato head thing where he can just stick the face on. Perfect, no guts on my table this year!

i love those. so much better [& more classy] than messy pumpkin carving!

I hate carving pumpkins so this is perfect for me!

I like the lok of painted pumpkins, but I think I'd miss that goopy feeling of pulling out pumpkin seed with my bare hands, that's the best part!

I love your blog! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas. NOw I want to paint pumpkins!!!

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