NYC Subway

One of the things that really surprised me about San Francisco was how little people used public transportation here. I was expecting it to be must more like Manhattan in that way, but San Francisco is a driving/biking city mostly. I haven’t really missed it too much until I thought about it from Hank’s perspective and how fun it would be for him to ride the subway everywhere. It would be fun to create something like this three-year-old’s view of the NYC Subway for a kid growing up in Manhattan.

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That is adorable! I want to make something like that for myself 🙂

For the first three years here we didn't have a car so both Jared and I walked and took Muni everywhere. And Sarah Robertson uses it daily with her daughter since they don't have a car. I think once you get a car it's definitely too tempting. You could grab Hank and take the 21 downtown. I've done it before with Annabelle (before Eleanor was born).

I couldn't agree more! Maybe it's because the Muni is famously erratic? That poster is so awesome.

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