Kirby Cove

Sorry, I keep on forgetting to post pictures from camping last week. We had such a great time at Kirby Cove, and you couldn’t pick a pretty location, under the Golden Gate Bridge. I loved listening to the waves crash as we fell asleep. We’ll definitely be back. Where’s the coolest place you’ve camped?

ps don’t you love the old school super flare jeans I’m rockin’?


ha, i've still got a couple pairs of flares lying around here somewhere…the coolest place i've camped was in moab, utah. nevermind the huge sandstorm and waking up with pools of it everywhere, it was still amazing!

I can't beat Azucar, she's an overachiever like that. Camping at the Grand Canyon is unbelievable and my favorite is Santa Barbara, El Capitan. Camping within proximity to warm {ish} ocean is a dream come true for me.

i live in san francisco too and have never heard about kirby cove. i can't wait to check it out with my family!

I put on some really flare jeans the other day and felt like I was back in high school. we've come so far!

Oooh I love Havasupai too! After that hot 10 mile hike down into the grand canyon the waterfalls feel and look like heaven!

my favorite camping spot was havasupai. that place is amazing. and are those pants really considered old school?? rats.

I think we were down south on the penninsula a little more, I forget where but it wasn't too far from the city

Yes! I love the Redwoods, we did a backpacking trip there like three years ago. It was beautiful, where did you go? We were in Redwood Nat'l Park

Have you been camping up in the redwoods yet? we went up there last year and had the best time!

Call me crazy, but yes, I like the flares… probably more than I'll ever love skinnies! :)The coolest place I've ever camped was a hotel 🙂

The coolest places I've camped are South Manitou Island, Michigan and Cumberland Island National Seashore, Georgia. These are must see parks, even if you don't camp!(oh and I ran across your blog in my suggestions in google reader…I really enjoy reading it…)

I love camping at Camp Joseph in Sharon, VT. It's a slice of heaven.

We camped once as a family in the Ardennes forest and spent the morning re-enacting the Battle of the Bulge. Just kidding. We love camping in the high Uintahs, where it can snow at any time.

how fun! and giggling about your flares! I totally have multiple pairs of those in my closet too!

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