Heidi’s Stripes

Seriously in love with all these stripes at Heidi Merrick right now. Heidi. Let’s talk here. Your prices are a little out of my budget. I’ll trade you two apples pies (not store-bought crust this time, real handmade crust), and made with love, none the less, for some of your stripy lovelies. Okay, make that three homemade love filled apple pies.


someday i will wear a bikini again, and it needs to be that one. love.

I bought the striped cardigan from Anthro less than 4 hours ago and adore it! The gold detailing on the buttons is amazing.

yes I am totally with you. all things stripes for me right now! 😉

my fave: the bow headband & the wool rug! (the least & most expensive items, figures)

Dwell! They always have cute stripes. At least lately. Love that bench!!

iiii just love stripes. especially the bow headband!! so cute.xo tiffany

There are not enough rooms in my house to contain all the stripes I would like to own. I adore each and every one of these items. ::sigh::

I totally agree! I keep going for everything stripped, looove it.

Yes, me too! There's something so read-a-book, steer-a-gondola, sail-a-ship about them 🙂

Of course. But lovely to look at and for inspiration (and dream about)

a little out of your price range? those prices are absurd.

that seems like a very fair trade to me! loving your blog by the way!

wow, i love that striped dress! let me know if that trade works out 🙂

Let me know if the apple pies gets you some awesome new digs! Loving to stripes too!!!

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