Five Today

Five years ago today, Jared and I were married. I feel incredibly lucky to have such an amazing husband, father to our Baby Hank, and friend to spend the rest of my life with. We started off the festivities camping last night under the golden gate bridge with friends (pics coming soon- it was beautiful). Tonight we’re going to clean off the campfire smell and dress up to eat at a nice restaurant, and in a couple weeks we’re taking a full day of sailing lessons on the bay. But right now I have to work on a little something special for him to remember our five wonderful years together. To happiness!
{photos by Jon Canlas}


Cute. Congratulations you guys!Liz, can I have an invite to your private blog so I can keep up with your cute family?fowlerflower@gmail.comMelissa (House) Fowler

Congrats Liz and Jarad! 5 wow, your really getting up there! You guys are awesome!

Wow, love the way you are celebrating and we love you both!Oh med i toe!

Happy Anniversary to an amazing pair!(In Russian, the word for couple sounds like "par.") Love you both!

Congratulations, what a milestone. I can't wait until I get to celebrate those special occasions with my sweet sweetie.

i like that top photo of you guys, so cute. congrats.

Congratulations!And sidenote: I'm sure it's partly the beard, but Jared looks so much like my Dad in that first picture. Crazy.

wahoo for five! just hit our five yesterday! happy anniversary!!

oooh i've always wanted to take sailing lessons! jealous! congrats on five happy years

cute! have a fun time! we are coming up on our five year too next month. time has flown, it's crazy! we'll have to plan something fun now like you guys

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