DIY: More Toddler Crayons

I made a few more toddler crayons for Hank a couple days ago using some of my favorite color combinations right now (I know, I’m a dork). Now he has no choice but to color a beautiful portrait for mama.

On a slightly different note: should I be creeped out that a crayon woman is staring at me in the middle? And a crayon munster head in the bottom one? Is anyone else seeing this? Did I just create creepy art by accident?


I saw both before reading about it…spooookkky.

oh wait, i think that is the way you were looking at her. the other way is a lady kissing or smelling a rose.

flip her around and she's an old, bald lady with a big chin.

ewww she IS creepy! it's the no-nose and kind of underbite/false teeth thing going on too… eek! 🙂

yes, it's half of a woman's face and a long forehead. it's her eye that is particularly detailed

creepy! i see the woman's head, her one eye and profile, right?

I see the Munster head. Bu unless the woman has a VERY tall forehead I'm just not seeing her.

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