DIY: Creepy Portraits

Creepy, spooky portrait
s with instructions on how to create your own seen over at Country Living. How cool would blown up versions of these be at a Halloween party? I love the dude with the fangs.
Bonus: You get to use your christmas twinkle lights early without your neighbors passing judgement. BAHA!


These are so fun. They are by one of my favorite bloggers Sweet Paul is a prop stylist.

Whoa that is scary, might be a little too scary for me

cool! i grew up south of san fran, lived in LA, and now in hoboken (and recently married). hope to return to the bay area some day soon!!! fun blog!

hi melanie! we lived in hoboken when we were first married and when i started the blog, we now live in san francisco

fun idea! hi there – i'm new to your blog, and i live in Hoboken, NJ. can i ask how you arrived at the name for the blog?

what a cool idea! love it for a party, but i'd be too scared to keep them up after that!

Just had to leave a quick note to say I've made the apple turnovers twice. The second time I bought empanada discs which was so slick and delicious. Thanks for sharing! What a seriously delicious and simple recipe!

Woah..those are creepy, they would prob give me nightmares if I had them in the house haha

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