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Let’s rewind a little bit. Remember my words book for Hank? I loved it but I wasn’t super happy with the quality. Like a white knight, Shutterfly came to the rescue and offered to print a really beautiful 8 x 11 copy for me! Yeah!
Oh my goodness. It’s so much better. Bound beautifully, high quality paper. The process was so easy and user friendly to upload your pictures and create your own photo book on their site. Tons of options for backgrounds and text/photo merges. Plus the quality is fabulous. There are so many great features on their site, I’m excited to make another sometime soon.
I’m super happy with it and you should be excited too because…

wants you to have one! They’re giving away a customized photo book to TWO different readers! One 7 x9 photo book and one 8x 8 photo book.
Just leave a comment on this post before Sunday night 10pm PST.

Since I don’t usually do giveaways, here are a couple reminders:
Add me to your reader so you don’t miss out on the results
-Include your email please if it’s not linked to your name
-Please leave only one comment, unless you
Tweet or blog about the giveaway, then enter twice (send me the link or @lizstan me in the tweet)

Good luck and thank you Shutterfly! I’ll announce the two lucky winners Monday.


Is it too late? I don't think so, I think I'm in right at the buzzer!

oh man…it is 10:00 right now. hope im not too late. i've been dying to make one a book. this would really motivate me.

I the 200 th comment? Dang my chances aren't getting very good!

wow that is great, I love photo books so much better than scrapbooking.

Really beautiful book you have! Glad to hear the quality is good at shutterfly

I've been wanting to make one of these for my kids. Thanks for the success story.Ann

Would love to make a 1 year book for my little guy! And by the way I'm loving your blog! In Fact I'm just down on the peninsula and could use your great design ideas in my 1920's house:) PS random but our families are friends, I took your mom to SFO a couple years ago!

henry's book is so cute. i'd love to make one for my littlest!suttongraceblog(at)gmail(dot)com

We've been creating "year in review" books for the new grandmothers. They love them.star3night(at)gmail(dot)com

That's so cute! I've been meaning to write a bedtime story for my son with family photos. Maybe if I win I'll have a reason to hurry up and write it!

That's awesome. I have wanted to make my book since seeing your Henry book. I have two very special little friends, Georgia and Charlotte who would love one 😀

I have ordered a shutterfly book before and was incredibly pleased with the results.

I love Shutterfly! And what a cute idea for your son's book!

I made one of these books a few years ago thru Shutterfly – it turned out so amazing! I would love the chance to make another one =)

I've always wanted to try doing one of these, but haven't been sure which company/product was best.irisice4{at}yahoo[dot]com

i just got a shutterfly book and realize I already need to do another!l

i've loved using shutterfly for other projects, great giveaway!

I love photobooks. I made this for a christmas gift one year.

I've made several books with them and love the quality. Would love a free one!

Oh, wow! I've actually purchased photo books from Shutterfly before and I was very impressed with them 🙂 It's so easy to do, and even if you dont win the free book it's still a pretty great bargain!

Am I even eligible all the way down here, in itty bitty New Zealand? I want the answer to be "Yes, and you've won". Go. Say it.

I have loved shutterfly for a long time now! All my kids baby books are through them and we always do a family scrapbook through them. Maybe this time it will be free 🙂

I really want to make a similar book for my little one on the way!

I love Shutterfly! I order their pictures all the time and have always wanted to photobook!

And this is why I love Shutterfly… such excellent quality!I want to make my own book for my little bugger, Ben. I'm thinking about spelling out family names with a picture of each so as not to copy you exactly.

I didn't realize you got so many comments now. bummer for me. I have several shutterfly books & would love a free one!!!

count me in! Ever since that initial post, a book is on my to-do list for all my kiddos! Thanks!

I'm working on a birthday present for a friend's 30th and this would be perfect!

I've been wanting to make another book through Shutterfly so this is perfect!

Fabulous giveaway! I have been thinking about your gorgeous book for weeks. This one is even more beautiful! Love it!!

Your Word book is lovely. What a fantastic idea! I've made many photobooks with Shutterfly and can attest to their quality. Now i'm hoping to win this so i can make my very own recipe book. =)

Sweet. I'm already planning on making one for my son for his first birthday in a couple of months. This would be perfect.

ooo…ooo pick me. I know you don't use a random generator so just pick me. btw, I love it.

So many ideas so little time…what great incentive to get a few done!Your book is fantastic!

I love the word book idea. I have only made books with Kodak and haven't been thrilled with the quality either.

Great giveaway and so very much loving your blog!Mamadbs@gmail.comDanielle

i LOVE photo books. i've used shutterfly for my 1st book and can't wait to try my hand at another one.

Oh my gosh! I totally remember Henry's Book and I was just at the craft store today and scored 4 packages of wooden blocks for 50 cents each. I was just going to do one of my own for my girls. So how awesome would it be if I could score a free Shutterfly book also?!

I've been making lots of books for my kids – they love seeing the photobooks online and can't wait to read them at home. This would be a nice incentive to create more great memories!

My baby already loves books at 4 months & I would love to make her an awesome one! Of course I would have to wait to give it to her after she stops putting everything in her mouth…

loved seeing more of your book and excited about maybe making my own for my little boy

I NEED this! I just uploaded all of our Italy photos to shutterfly!

I would really like to try out those books, they look beautiful.

I want to thumb through your book in person, it looks amazing. I'd love to make one too.

I've been meaning to order one of these for my son's first year FOREVER – what a good excuse to get it done!

My mother has been nagging me to finish one of these books for her grandkids.

I would love to make one of this style of books for my daughter – it might keep her entertained in church for all of 10 minutes!

i think i need to make like 10 of these, i take way too many pictures of my newborn girls

i love me a good giveaway and this is totally something up my ally!

You've definitely inspired me to make one. Now I just have to win this!

This is such a wonderful idea! Yours is gorgeous, I might need you to make me one. : )

I'm in the process of making one RIGHT NOW. I LOVE Shutterfly books. Love them!

oh my…I've been wanting to make a shutterfly book!I hope I win!!

I'm 18 weeks pregnant and can't wait to make something like this for my little one!

Oh please! I have some candid wedding photos that need a lovely home 🙂

I LOVE these books! My 5 year old Max loves taking pictures, and it would be cool to make him his own little portfolio!

I just linked your giveaway in a blog post….I really want this book! Thanks 🙂

how fun!that book is have inspired me to make one for my little guy.still looking for vintage blocks, though…love how they look!this giveaway sounds wonderful!

I want to win one of these so bad. I have multiple friends that have done them and they are really nice. I will definitely blog about it so I can enter twice.

Our Jane loves to flip through photo books. Thanks for the chance!

I have always wanted to try one of these. Thanks for the giveaway!!

wow, yours turned out beautifully! i want one too!

these books are so cool, although i don't think mine will be as awesome as yours!

I've been wanting to try a shutterfly book. This would be the perfect opportunity

I would love to have one of these!! It's adorable!brianandcaitlin(at)gmail(dot)com

Hey Liz–since I know you in real life this won't ruin my chances of winning will it? If so I can just pretend like I don't actually know you. I'll totally keep it on the down low… Liz who? See…we're all good. {Love the book–great idea and super rad that it attracted the attention of shutterfly.}

I LOVE Shutterfly and have been wanting to create another book.

Ideas are percolating! Fingers crossed! Thanks for a fun and interesting blog!

Hey with new baby it's always nice to be able to show her off the the family around the world

ooh, i was just about to order one. perfect timing! your book looks great.

Shutterfly rocks. I've used them for tons of projects including our wedding albums (instead of buying one for $800 through our photographer!) and as gift albums for my parents when my son was born…

wow, i would love to do this, maybe make a family tree album for my boys*fingers crossed*jando _ 27 at hotmail dot com

i've used shutterfly before and really love them. would love a free book!

Oh this would be great! I have been wanting to do a photo book for my kids with pics of them and their cousins. As usual, I never got around to it! I'm happy to hear about Shutterfly's quality too, I was burned by a different company last year with photo calendars I made for family and have been a bit hesitant.

I make photo books for Linus and my mom of our time spent together for intergenerational continuity…great since we live in different time zones.

These books are the coolest! I've used them for photobooks, but next I am thinking I might use them to do a cookbook with pictures and family recipes.

i was going to make one like yours. I've heard good things about them!

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