Happy Labor Day

Hope you’re enjoying your last day of summer (snif snif). We’ve been loving the unusually warm weather here, exploring all the great beaches around San Francisco.
Speaking of exploring, Vintage Vogue is a fun site to check out.
Have a great one!

{pic from Vintage Vogue}


Fun photo, glad you hear you're enjoying your new city!

That salad looks like just the ticket for me, I printed off the recipe…. my dad has 200 acres of walnuts.. you'll have to drive up to Los Molinos and get some REALLY good organic fresh nuts.. prune harvest just ended, but the walnut harvest is in a few weeks… Since you're in CA now, you could see his operation. He would LOVE the company, especially since you are his DEAR DEAR sister's namesake… PS.. sorry you're not in Utah anymore, but love keeping contact thru the blog and seeing your ever-amazing creativity.

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