DIY: Two Handmade Clocks

We needed clocks but I wasn’t liking the options I was seeing around, so I decided to make my own with a clock kit like this one that costs about $4-$8 online or in craft stores.

First clock: I embroidered (although I didn’t really know what I was doing) the numbers on some fabric and stapled it onto a cardboard circle I had cut out with a hole through the middle.
The second clock: This one is still kind of a work in progress. I made a small circle with cardboard for the clock circle and then ordered some vintage house numbers from this etsy shop (it cost me $5 total for all the numbers). I’d like to get some cooler looking numbers so I’m going to keep my eye out for them at flea markets etc to swap in, but this is a good start I think. Or I could use pictures too if I got sick of the numbers. It’s very versatile.

As I mentioned before, I love how you can make anything into a clock. This will not be the end of my clock making pursuits.


love the vintage numbers clock. great way to have a clock on the wall with out taking so much visual space. did you get the clock part at a craft store?

Yup they tick. But not loud. There is one next to oheaved but I dont notice it at night

I like the first one — but I'm partial to pretty fabric 🙂

These are cute, I want to do one for our living room. Tell me something since I am an ocd freak. Do they tick? Like audibly? I can't deal with the sound of a ticking clock which is why we currently don't have one downstairs! (I'm a freak, I know)

So darling! I love it. Just discovered your blog, and it's terrific!

cool! so many things you could do with this. my mind is spinning

liz- very cute. i love the embroidery one. you can spray paint the hands if you are looking for a different color there. very clever.

What great ideas! I'd like to try that second one in my boy's room.

I really like the clock with the numbers mounted on the wall. It's super cool!

Yeah, it's pretty decent quality and super easy instructions on putting it together. Requires a AA battery in back.

Ooh love them! I would have never thought to do this. But now i'm thinking of all the possibilities. Are the clock parts pretty good quality?

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