DIY: Golden Gate Bridge Stencil Shirt

Here’s my latest stencil shirt project for Hank. It’s not perfect, but I really like how this one turned out. It’s my favorite. Glad I waited a day to get the right paint, the glittery stuff I accidentally got would have been terribly wrong.
Here are the instructions to make a freezer paper stencil shirt if you want to try your hand at it.


I adore your t-shirt. I have tried the freezer paper stencil before – but none have turned out as cute as yours!! So adorable.

I really love this. You don't have a spare in a size L that's just sitting around, do you?

Really? I just found mine at the grocery store. Next to the waxed and parchment paper

Out of all your stencils, I can see why this would be your favorite, it's fabulous. Keep the DIYs coming!

i love it! the colors are so bright and i do really like the negative space painted. i'll have to try this out, too many cute things i've seen with it now

my sister in law, jordan, had given me the design. i ended having to cut out the negative areas to make it a one-piece stencil (sometimes it takes a few minutes to wrap your head around how that'll work)

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