Britex Fabrics

Jordan took me to this incredible fabric store last week called Britex Fabrics in Union Square. There was an entire floor dedicated to ribbon, buttons, vintage lace, fabric flowers…oooh it was amazing. Little ladies were just sitting around making ribbon flower headbands. I wanted to spend all afternoon there.
(pics from flickr)


ahh i remember britex fabrics! i only window shopped cause i couldn't afford anything back then. too bad they don't have 40% off coupons like hanncock fabrics!

so, the prices are kind of on the expensive side. it's the kind of place to go to find something really special, like vintage lace or really fancy ribbon. also the selection is amazing for notions/buttons, those kinds of things that are small and special

those ribbon colors are beautiful, i love anything arranged by color

wow, it's my dream come true and my husband's worst nightmare all in one… (his mom would drag him to fabric stores growing up so he has a phobia).Lucky-duck Susan!

oh i want to go, promise you'll take me when i come to visit you.

this place does look dreamy. i'm coming up here in a couple weeks and will definitely check it out. are the prices reasonable?

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