I just discovered your blog and have to know where you got that super cute and seemingly-comfy couch!

i love the magnetic chalkboard frame. i am curious on how the setup of the calendar works.

What a fun article! Oh, and you have impeccable taste, by the way!

Lovely apartment Liz! You have a great eye.Also, I love the painting by your BIL. I had to go and check out his work. Love it!{susan of}

thanks again everyone! the white footrest stool (ther are two of them actually, one is square and one is round, but same style) were both thrifted–found at different shops. crazy, huh. i LOVE them, super versatile, and it's really nice having two

I saw the tour and your apartment is so well done. If I were you I would still have unpacked boxes lying around as furniture.

cute cute cute! i loved seeing your home! looks like you've made a smooth transition.miss you!

So many things I love about it. The rug, the couch, chalkboards, the banner and gold mirror. Beautiful place, very inspiring.

Awesome, but of course! I love Henry's room. And everything else, too.

i just saw this on space is just those vintage chalkboards!

Congrats! I just spent 2 days cleaning our apartment and hope to sit back and enjoy it tonight-cheers to all of your hard work! Sarah

f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s. I love reading about how you downsized, that is not an easy thing to do. We did that moving from Oklahoma to LA and it was super stressful. So I feel your pain!

lovely, all the pictures are beautiful. Great tour, Liz

I think you are too cool for me now. just teasing, your place looks so cute and I just love your style!

Love looking at your new place, your style is really a nice. Thanks for sharing

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