Lunch Rut

I’ve been so bored with lunches lately. If I see one more ham and cheese on wheat, I think I might just barf. I found a nice list on Real Simple (wanting to test out this one for sure) but what are your favorite simple and healthy lunches?



Cooking Light has a great recipe for Pesto Chicken Salad. Throw that in a pita or on a bed of lettuce and you have a great lunch!

Oh my gosh, I was JUST thinking the same thing! Sandwiches are SO boring after weeks and weeks of them. And leftovers only go so far!

toast. cottage cheese. tomato slices. salt. pepper.delicious.

This is my FAVORITE sandwich ever! I add fresh tomato from the garden too! Yummm!

In Russia sandwiches are always open-faced. It's nice to eat less bread.

I switched to putting sandwich stuff in a tortilla (and just fold it over and used pesto as a spread and I'm able to eat those way more often than regular sandwiches but I always use avocados mmmm

on second thought…if someone wrapped my sandwiches for me in paper and twine i think they would taste much better. any takers?

thanks for the ideas, guys. maybe i should get a panini maker and make more soup

Me too. I'd love some new ideas.I usually have homemade soup (roasted tomato or chicken noodle) that I make for dinner one night and then I eat it for lunch leftovers until it's used up. In fact, that's what I just had for lunch today (I have a ton of soup if you want some!).I also love a good sandwich that's grilled. Take your plain ham and cheese and put it on a panini maker and it's so much better.

I grill vegetables whenever the grill is on and keep them in the fridge. One of my fav lunches is grilled eggplant stuffed into a pita with balsamic vinegar and feta cheese. yum.

Check out our site for some ideas! TwoBlueLemons.comThere are lots of yummy (quick & easy) things to choose from! I'm a sucker for anything topped with avocado!

a simpler version of the picture: toast, avocado, fresh tomato, salt and pepper. maybe even through in some swiss

I totally know how you feel! That avocado sandwich looks amazing though!

I get so bored of sandwiches too – they're so plain. Lately, we've been on a huge hummus kick. It's good on bread, veggies, wheat crackers – almost anything. Another way I like to spice up a sandwich is to think "sub." Use special mustard, more veggies, spices, and special ingredients. Avocados are awesome!

I'm the same way. I end up just putting off breakfast so I don't have to figure out lunch. I want to look at that real simple list to get ideas too

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