I was thinking about doing a paper cover book from mypublisher.comI use them for photo book and I like the quality.

oooh good to know, thanks molly, i'll have to check it out!

how funny. i am making a similar book for ruby about letters. have you heard of you can print things for super cheap. you can find promo codes for free everything and just pay a little shipping. i just ordered a bunch or 11×14's to test the quality and i was pleasantly surprised. it ships from hong kong though!! don't know how they are makin' $$?

Yeah, I'm just ordering it into a little photo book. Not doing it myself. I'll give more details when it's done. What are you planning on doing, Angela?

I am in the process of making one of these too. Took a lot of photos today. Would you mind sharing how you are going to print it / bind it , etc. I want something durable. Thanks for any help.

So will you be this creative, innovative and on-the-ball when you have 3 kids? Probably. But to make myself feel better I'll say no. 😉 Looks great. I'm sure he'll love it!

Oh, you make me miss having a real camera. I'm totally fed up with camera-phones and would love to do a project like that! I'm constantly amazed at how much you can get done at one time!

agree with kelli, the colors and styling is really cute. a super cool idea

wow, love the simple styling and the colors. can't wait to see the result!

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