Henry’s Book

Henry’s book is finished. I took pictures of lots of objects he was familiar with like his stuffed animal, linus, his shoes, as well as pictures of people and places like the local park, his bed, Jared and me, things like that. He really likes it, and I love how special and unique it is.


I would suggest using proper capitalization. Besides that, I think it's a fabulous idea!

Sooo belated, but, I've used both Qoop and My Publisher for mini books (and not so mini books) and have rave reviews each time. Quality fairly decent (I LOVE the tiniest mini books from Qoop, I have to say – and so has everyone else – they're like… matchbook size! Ok, twice that, but still!)Fabulous idea!

I've had this project in my "to do" folder ever since you posted it. Thank you for sharing – it's super-lovely! I finally did it! (My write-up, with links to you, here.)

Great idea especially when teaching your children how to read!

very sweet idea! a great one for stealing! 😉 thanks for sharing!

darling. i want one. i lost steam on mine. i would love it if you posted on emailed me some of the non personal pages… so i may actually finish it someday… it might be worth your while:)

very cute. How did you get the white background? with a piece of paper? Thanks.

Just what I had been thinking of doing but way cooler!! Thanks

INCREDIBLE!!!! I am IN LOVE. Another place you might want to check in for printing is blurb.com very inexpensive and decent quality!

I love this idea!!! I am going to try this with our little guy now! Thanks for the inspiration!

that turned out so cute! i love it!great job!maybe one day i'll make one.

oh ya I saw this on another blog a couple of months ago … darling!

i didn't feel like kodak was the best quality, plus i was limited in the design.

Really very cute. so what was it about kodak you didn't like?

looks so good, but where is my picture? you didn't show it right?

Great idea, Liz! Give Henry a hug from Grandma Mac.

I did this for Robin and Paul but I just used a little photo album. We ended up using them as quiet books for church. . . . I'm missing those days.

Aww Liz – this is really sweet!! I think I may have to use this one day:)

this is really beautiful. i love the pictures too. simple and perfect. nice work

This is so so sweet. Great job. I think I'll be coying you on this one too Liz.

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