Good Eats

I’ve never been surrounded by so much good food since I’ve moved to San Francisco. Here are some samples to feast your eye on:
Across the street our local deli was grilling up fresh peaches on Saturday on the sidewalk. The peaches were incredible on their own, but grilled up with cinnamon, brown sugar and a scoop of ice cream? It was heaven. They were also grilling peaches up with gorgonzola cheese and walnuts. As soon as we get a grill I’m going to try these out.
Tartine is amazing. Period. Their morning buns are inCREDible. Above is the croque monsieur. Mmmmm. I want to eat it everyday for lunch.
Sampled some delicious treats Jordan brought back from Bouchon Bakery Sunday afternoon


oh, no. i've heard of that creamery but i went to the bi-rite market, which is also really good, across the street. i'll have to go to the creamy though too!

hi sara! yes, i did go to bi-rite that same day. got the fidel sandwich. amazing.

hi. i'm a blog stalker. down the street from tartine is bi-rite creamery. go there. go there now. mmm.

this makes me homesick. i can't wait till i'm in the city again, gorging myself with delicious food!

grilled peaches are crazy good. I do peaches and strawberries coated with melted butter and a little brown sugar, served with vanilla bean ice cream and whip cream. Heavenly.

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