Back From Cruisin’

Back from the cruise, had a really fabulous and relaxing time, more pictures coming later when I get my film developed; and yes I did buy that cruise hat but no, I don’t think I would/could wear it again. Plenty of sunbathing, eating and dancing was had. Missed Jared and Baby Hank terribly, but traveling without a toddler was, I’ll admit, quite luxurious.
(both pictures above of Cabo San Lucas)(If it appears at though I’m getting down doing the mashed potato alone in the disco, you are most certainly correct)


that second picture is beautiful! cabo looks lovely, would love to go sometime

thanks!I got the rainbow colored dress at forever21 and the green dress is from max studio with the belt from h&m

haaaa dancing alone in the disco. so how was it? always curious about cruises… would you do iti again?

cute. where did you get your two dresses from? -melissa

looks like you guys had a great time! and i love your dance moves of course

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