That is gorgeous! I'm laughing out loud at the "killer poses" my 4 year old does the same thing!!! xx

omg! I think we have found America's Next Top Model :)

Love it! I recently picked up some curtains at a garage sale that would make a cute dress like that!

I love a four-year old that can really work it. Tyra would be so proud.

how adorable! although isn't it freezing there in san fran summer?

yeah they do, and the good poses keep on coming at through age 7… that's where i'm at now and we've still got 'em!this dress is fantastic!!oh, i have the same dining room chairs 😉

Wow looks cool! I have some curtains I've been meaning to do something with!

Looks great! You might say I'm partial to ruffles. Hope to see more home sewn clothing!Oh and while thrift shopping yesterday I saw the cutest little wooden handpainted crib mobile from the fifties still in its original box and thought of babyhankvintage. It would have been PERFECT.

Just saw it yesterday. Love those electric blue eyes! And I agree about the dresses – esp. that peacock feathers one.

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