Santa Cruz

Before our moving truck came Tuesday night (and the craziness ensued), Jordan and I took our boys to the beach at Santa Cruz. She had these two kid beach chairs the kids sat on that were so cute. Hank is really good at throwing sand at peoples faces, and in our food. He’s got really good aim. It is so nice having family here to help us through all this and Moses and Hank are so cute together. (pic by jordan)
…..then the truck came, and I’ve been up to my ears unpacking and organizing.


ha it looks like hank is sucking in his stomach to show off his muscles. so cute!

hi cuties!!!! looks like you have a lot to do, i'm sure it'll be great once it's done

more pictures of your place please! love santa cruz. I have fond memories of that place growing up

Oh, you could use some help and I'm not there 🙁 Well, maybe the cruise will make up for it!

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