‘Rad’ and Gourmet Food Carts

Last night we went to the bike in movie, ‘Rad‘ (with valet bike parking). This was Jared’s favorite movie growing up and he was reciting every word (it was pretty cute).
I have to say, the best part of the evening was probably the food carts for me. Not your typical street vendors, they are gourmet food carts: the magic curry kart, the sexy soup cart (last night it was organic carrot ginger coconut soup. yum), the french cuisine Chez Spencer cart, and the creme brulee cart, to name a few. I think I had like five meals total last night. They were all amazing. They move around to different locations in the city every day and you have to follow them on twitter to find out where they’ll be next. It’s like a little scavenger hunt. I love it!


hm. bike tips. road bikes are the ones with the thin tires. that's about all i know, sorry vanessa!

Rad was my sister's favorite movie, too. She bought the last copy from the video store when they were selling their old VHS tapes, and a boy borrowed it from her, but he was really trying to steal it.

Oh! Now I have bike ?s for you 🙂 My husbands wants to buy road bikes for us but I am oh so lost. Would you have any tips?PS I am very jealous you moved to a place with H & M

Sounds so fun! There are so many amazing activities in this city of ours, I'm having a hard time keeping track!

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