Booster Pod

Loving the new lionheart booster pod that came in the mail last week for Baby Hank. Soft, cushy seat (as opposed to his old hard plastic one) that’s super easy to clean, gender neutral orange color, and (the best part!) it can attach to our pretty chairs. Henry gets excited to sit in it to eat.

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ha, actually we bought a couple more after. so this one might not even be yours! and yes i'll give it back

lora- if the booster seat has straps to attach to the chair and the kid i think they can sit in one as early as 9 months. he LOVES being at the table, i can tell he feels grown upmskaz- we reupholstered these chairs found at a vintage mcm store. yeah, i'm in love with them too 🙂

so adorable! when did your son start sitting in a booster? I have been thinking about switching my 15th month old to one.. do you recommend it?

He is so much bigger than when I saw him just a few months ago….what a cutie.

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