Yard Sale this Saturday!

We’re having a huge massive moving sale this Saturday.
Our garage is full to the brim with stuff including nice clothes (me, hubby and baby boy), craft/paper/fabric supplies, stationary, blankets, holiday decorations, some small furniture, kitchen stuff and much much more.
Come check out the goods and stop by to say hello!
313 6th Avenue, Salt Lake City 84103 (in the avenues of slc, between c and d street on 6th)



I went to your kirsty class tonight. You did a great job. I learned a lot of things I didn't know. Thanks!

I wish I lived in UT! I love your site, your ideas, and beautiful taste. My sister & I co-write a cooking blog if you're ever hungry 🙂 http://www.TwoBlueLemons.BlogSpot.com Best of luck with the Sale…make sure to post anything that doesn't sell!

I am seriously a little heart broken. I will be out of town, and I really wanted to come. Good luck, I am sure your stuff will seel like hot cakes!

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