Susie’s Supper Club

If I lived in Manhattan again, I would totally take advantage of this supper club. Imagine, having a beautiful roast chicken delivered to your door for $10! The meals claim to be ‘kid friendly’ and made with natural and organic ingredients. If anything, at least check out the beautiful photos. I need to find an equivalent of this in San Francisco for those days where I’m too busy to cook…

{seen on simple and pretty}


Ah, well, you'll find so much there you won't know what to eat first. 🙂 I've been in the east bay long enough that I don't know what's in the city anymore.

oooh that looks delish. we'll actually be downtown probably, SOMA area.

That looks divine, I would totally do this if I lived in NYC!

This is good to know for NY-based friends who have new babies – will you let us know if you hear about any other good ones like this?

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