I’ve been rethinking my entire wardrobe for our upcoming move to San Francisco and found some great pieces at Ruche that are not only really cute but super cheap; and I do mean cheap! None of these items (including the coat) is over $40!

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i've been doing the same thing – i'm glad someone commented on it! right now my prego body won't fit into any of their clothing, but their accessories are darling too!

i've bought a couple items…a jacket, a blouse, and a dress. So far so good. The blouse is my favorite and it seems to be holding up just fine. The coat i got on sale at the beginning of fall but its more a spring coat so we shall see. Overall I am really happy with my purchases.

The peacoat is made by Tulle–a great company for cute well-made coats. I have two from that brand (I love coats!) and fully recommend them. In fact, I want that, but I am on a coat-buying hiatus. Enjoy it for me!

wow, i love those shoes and jacket. plus that shirt would be super cute maternity 😉

I'd like to know too! I may just some things from there on payday and hope for the best!

I have been doing the same thing. I keep going to the website and marking things, but in the end I am afraid it may be too good to be true…you go first, then let me know! :)P.S.I made the sweet shredded pork you posted about…it was DIVINE!

I love that bright yellow jacket – perfect for rainy Spring days (with wellies!)

thanks for the link. ive been searching for clothes like this to add to my "teacher wardrobe" for the fall!!

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